Best Fishing Kayaks of 2020

Pro and Recreational Anglers, We've got you covered with our review of the top fishing kayaks for every need.

The number of people kayak-fishing has dramatically risen in recent times. Consequently, we’ve also seen a rise in the number of companies making purposely-built fishing kayaks. People who love to fish with a kayak no longer have to retrofit their traditional ones with fishing gears such as a rod holder. However, it can be difficult to navigate the vast number of options out there today to pick one that best fits your needs. Our picks for the best fishing kayaks for 2020 will help you find just what you need. This review and guide is for both beginners and experienced folks and aims to help you pick the best gear to take with you to your fishing expedition.

Before we reveal our top picks, let’s first take a look at a few things to consider when buying a kayak for fishing.

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Picking The Right Fishing Kayak For Your Needs

Having the right kayak for fishing is critical to your success and enjoyment of this beloved activity. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single kayak that fits the needs of everyone because we all have different needs and skill levels.

Location of use

Your first consideration before making a purchase where you’ll use it. Will you be fishing on a lake, a river or the seacoast? Knowing where you’ll be paddling helps narrow down your options from the many fishing kayaks for sale.

Lakes: This refers to small lakes in your towns and villages and not a large lake like Lake Superior. Sit-on-top kayaks are well suited for calm waters of a small lake but may be more unstable in choppy waters. The plus side is that they won’t fill up with water like sit-in kayaks when you roll.

Rivers: Obviously this does not include Olympics caliber raging rapids. Those are reserved for whitewater kayaks, which we do not cover in this guide. And we don’t think any of us will need to paddle through such rapids to get to our fishing spot. Both sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks work well on slow to medium flowing rivers.

Seacoast: Sea currents, wind, tides and waves are all considerations when buying a kayak for use on the sea. You don’t want one that rolls easily when you fish in freezing cold waters. Those fishing in warmer waters may not mind going for a swim now and then.


Your next consideration is to decide what features you want your kayak to have. Fishing kayaks, despite their name, can be used for more than just fishing. They may also be used for recreational purposes so you should determine if you need it for just fishing or you want to use it for recreational kayaking as well. Kayaks, just like anything these days, comes with a long list of features. It is important to understand what these features are and how they may affect your experience on the water. In the end, it is up to you to decide which features you must absolutely have and which ones you can compromise on.

Here are a few features to consider when browsing through a list of fishing kayaks for sale.

Sit-on-top or Sit-in Fishing Kayaks?: Sit-on-tops are a favorite with most fishing enthusiasts because they offer good stability when fighting your catch. You can hang your legs either side of the kayak to give you extra stability. They’re also easier to mount and dismount so they’re great if you don’t want to do a “wet exit” when you roll. One drawback is that you’ll get wet more often so it is not the best when fishing in cold waters.

Sit-on-tops generally tend to have more room for storage than sit-in kayaks. They’re also self-draining so you don’t need a pump to get the water out if you get too much water in the kayak. They are the ideal kayaks for fishing because they make it easier to cast, real and land fish. You can also add a lot more fishing gear to a sit-on-top than a sit-inside kayak.

Sit-inside kayaks are great for faster moving and rough waters. They tend to keep you drier than sit-on-tops and are, therefore, the best option when fishing in cold waters. However, it is more difficult to fish from a sit-inside than a sit-on-top.

Mode of Propulsion: It is best to have both hands free when fishing so most fishermen prefer a fishing kayak with a foot propulsion system. They come with pedals you can operate with your feet to propel and steer the kayak. A few manufacturers like Old Town also offer kayaks with electric motors, which is rapidly being adopted by a lot of anglers. A lot of manufacturers are making the hand paddle an optional accessory these days. Most anglers prefer fishing kayaks with pedals.

Other things to consider when picking the best kayaking fishing boats

Weight: You’ll need to consider weight if you need to carry the kayak a considerable distance to get to a launch site. Sit-on-tops and usually heavier than sit-in kayaks. You should also consider the load rating of your vehicle’s rooftop when you buy a kayak.

Length: Longer kayaks tend to move faster and offer a more efficient paddling than shorter kayaks. They also tend to have more storage space, which allows you to carry extra gear if you intend to camp overnight. The downside is that they don’t turn as quickly as those with shorter hulls.

Width: Those with a wide hull tend to be more stable straight out of the box. However, there are other factors that affect the stability of the boat.

The Seat: Kayaking fishing may require long periods when you’re just sitting down waiting for a bite. You need a comfortable seat to enjoy the experience. Lower end models tend to come with a basic seat while higher-end models come with adjustable seats with first class ergonomics. You should expect to spend an additional $100 to $200+ for a kayak with an excellent seat. 1-person kayaks come with a single seat and 2-person kayaks for fishing come with 2 seats.

Storage Space: You should determine how much storage you need the kayak to have. Some things to consider are whether you’ll need to carry extra gear for an overnight trip, store fish onboard, need to store live bait, etc. Most fishing kayaks will have extra hatches for storage.

Load Capacity: This refers to the combined weight of the boat, all your gear and you. Your kayak will sit too low and make it more difficult to paddle if you overload it.

Storage: In most cases, you’ll bring along a fair amount of gear when fishing. It is important to have a kayak with plenty of storage space for all these gear. Tackle boxes, bait, rods & reels, coolers, camping gear, electronics, food, drinks, etc. are common gear that you may take along on your expedition. You may need waterproof storage areas to protect items like your phones and keys from getting wet. Some kayaks will also have storage for your tackle boxes and storage areas with bungee cords to secure your other gear on board.

Budget Considerations

Cheap fishing kayaks can cost as little as $200 while the most expensive models can set you back about $5,000 on average.  High-end models may be expensive but they last longer, come with very comfortable seats, are made from composite materials, may come with an electric motor and a few more extras. They’re definitely worth the money if you can afford them.  You can consider buying kayaks under $1,000 if you’ll only be doing the occasional fishing trip. They’re usually best for day-trippers.

There are other things to consider so we encourage you to read our kayak fishing guide for an in-depth guide.


Our picks of the best fishing kayaks of 2020

Best overall Hobie Pro Angler 14


A high-end, lightweight pedal-driven sit-on-top kayak that is a fisherman’s wet dream. Once you use of these, you’ll know that it was built with input from seasoned pro anglers.  Plenty of storage space, advanced hands-free propulsion, and great for sight fishing. It is a fisherman’s dream boat with everything in just the right place and provisions for plenty of add-ons.

Best under $2,000: Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K. 120 Fishing Kayak


Incredible stability and maneuverability makes this a very nimble kayak with hands-free propulsion, plenty of storage space, optional motor propulsion, and provisions for mounting your favorite electronics. Lightweight but incredibly strong.

Best Under $1,000: Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130


We truly believe this is the best fishing kayak for sale under $1,000. This boat is at home in all water conditions and comes with a comfortable adjustable seat and tons of storage space. It is a little on the heavier side but tracks amazingly. It has room for plenty of add-ons.

Best Inflatable: Advanced Elements Straitedg Inflatable


An inflatable made with fishermen in mind. It is lightweight but has a higher weight capacity than some of the high-end non-inflatables. Comes with plenty of attachment points for adding extra gear. Very durable, stable and capable of handling almost any water condition.

Best Under $500: Brooklyn Kayak BKC UH-FK184-9’ fishing kayak

This fishing yak comes with five rod-holders and plenty of space for storage including a waterproof storage compartment. It is the best budget option by far.

Best 2-person: Brooklyn Kayak BKC UH-PK14 2-Person Fishing Kayak

A 2-person kayak that is perfect for fishing with a partner is you don’t want to go alone. Two pedal drive systems, comfortable, adjustable seats, excellent storage room, and space to attach various fishing electronics.

Best for The Money: Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 100


A stable sit-on-top with comfortable ergonomic adjustable seats and footrests. Great story space and excellent maneuverability. This should be on top of your list if you’re looking for a fishing boat under $1,000.

Let’s look at each vessel in more detail below.

1. Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14

Weight: 144 lbs full rigged | length: 13.8ft | Height: 20 inches | Capacity: 600 lbs

hobbie pro angler 14

It doesn’t come cheap, but this fishing kayak is the most desired amongst pro and amateur anglers and for a good reason. You can tell this vessel was made with the expert user in mind because it is a little bit on the heavy side when fully rigged.

It has plenty of storage space to take on board all the gear you need for an extended stay on the water or a camping fishing trip.

It handles well on all types of water bodies from calm lakes to the ocean. It is super stable and steers well in tight turns. This boat is one of the best for stand-up fishing and the with its non-skid deck and extreme stability.

It has a pedal drive system that works very well, allowing you to drive the kayak easily while fishing with your free hands. The seat is extremely comfortable with enough support for your back. You can raise or lower the seat and adjust it forward and backward to suit your comfort level.

You won’t have to drill extra holes to install your fish finder, and its battery and a retractable shield give protection to your fish finder and other gear on impact. The mounting points on the hull give you side scanning capabilities. They’ve already made holes for cables so you won’t have to make any.

hobbie pro angler 14

It comes with a rail system that allows you to mount a lot of fishing gears with minimal effort. How you conifigure this yak is only limited by your imagination. You can attach just about any additional gear you want to this vessel. It is also possible to attach a trawling motor.

The tracking skeg is very useful to keep the kayak on track during those long trips in rough waters.

You can also attach a sail to power this boat and give your legs and hands a rest. Whether you’re a pro angler wanting to catch monster fish or a hobby fisherman, the Pro Angler 14 is the ultimate kayak to take on the water.


2. Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K 120


Weight: 86 lbs | length: 12.3 ft | Width: 35 inches | Height (Deck): 16 inches | Capacity: 400 lbs

wilderness systems atak 120 kayak

With its open plan hull, the A.T.A.K 120 offers the same customization level as the A.T.A.K 140, but in a more compact size. This design gives you the option to customize the kayak with gear to meet any fishing in all water bodies. The design of the deck and stability of the hull makes this great for standing while fishing.

atak120 kayak

You can power this little beast with a motor (optional), paddles or pedals. The fully adjustable seats are very comfortable even during long periods of seating. This boat tracks great and is extremely agile on the water.

There’s ample room for storage and mounting points for fish finders, including side scanning capabilities, and other fishing gear.

This boat is loved by both pros and hobbyists alike. It is sure to provide you with comfort and peak performance in any fishing environment.


3. Vibe Kayak Sea Ghost 110

Weight: 62 lbs | length: 11 ft | Width: 33 inches | Capacity: 425 lbs

vibe sea ghost 101

At less than $1,000 this kayak is amazing. This is the next best thing if you’re not prepared to shell out $2,000+.

It has excellent stability, great handling, and excellent tracking. It is comfortable in any fishing environment from calm lakes to the open sea.

Foot pedals control the rudder system, freeing your hands to focus on the fishing. It also comes with a paddle for paddling. The hull is extremely stable which makes it a good option for stand-up fishing or when you want to stretch your legs.

seaghost 110 kayaks

It has plenty of storage for your extra gears and a lot of mounting space for electronics. Vibe has got this kayak just about perfect, and you’ll be hard press to find anything wrong with it. They also have excellent customer service.

As far as fishing kayaks go, this is one you’ll enjoy having on the water.


4. Feelfree Lure 11.5 Kayak

Weight: 74 lbs | length: 11 ft 12 in | Width: 34 inches | Capacity: 425 lbs

feel free lure 115 fishing kayak

This is built wot work perfectly on lakes, the open sea, and rivers. It has a removable electronic and sonar pod which makes it super easy to add a fish finder or a transducer without the need for additional drill holes. The Uni-Track system allows you to mount other fishing accessories without the need to drill holes.

It comes with ample storage space for all your gear and a cooler. It has a wheel built into the keel for easy transportation to and from the water.

feelfree lure 115

The seat is very comfortable and can be adjusted upwards or downwards. You can raise it to give you extra visibility when fishing and lower it to paddle comfortably.


5. Perception Pescador Pro 12.0

Weight: 64 lbs | length: 12 ft | Width: 32.5inches | Height (Deck): 14.5 inches | Capacity: 375 lbs

perception pescador pro 12

This boat is sure to satisfy all the needs of the serious fisherman. It is packed with loads of features that most anglers want.

This kayak is light compared to others which makes it easy to transport by a single person. It is very stable for a lightweight boat so you can effortlessly fish while standing up.

It comes with an extremely comfortable that can be adjusted to suit your level of comfort. You can even remove the seat to sit on when off the boat.

It has tracks for mounting additional fishing gear and also comes with a console that makes it extremely easy to install a fish finder, battery, and cables without making a single drill hole. It should be straightforward to do for any skill level.

You’ll get plenty of storage in the front and back of the kayak for extra gear. The drink holder is a nice touch and located in a very convenient position so you can easily reach your drinks when fishing.

perception pescador kayak

My only negative about this kayak is that it doesn’t come with pedal drive and there doesn’t seem to be any possible way of adding one yourself. You’ll also need to buy a paddle because it doesn’t come with one.

However, this boat is extremely comfortable, tracks well, very stable, has excellent maneuverability and has provisions for installing important fishing gear. It is great value for money, and you’ll be happy to own it.


6. Old Town Predator PDL

Weight: 117 lbs | length: 13 ft 2 in | Width: 36 inches | Capacity: 500 lbs

Old Town Fishing Kayak

The dual action, pedal drive propulsion system of the Predator PDL gives you the ultimate hands-free kayak fishing experience. This sit-on-top looks and performs great on all types of water.

It is super fast, nimble on the water, stable and tracks well. The slip-resistant and roomy deck combine with the stable hull to make stand-up fishing real pleasure.

The seats provide excellent back support and good padding for hours of continuous sitting with virtually no discomfort.

It comes with a rudder system that is easy to operate.

oldtown predator pdl yak

There’s a lot of cargo storage space and plenty of mounting plates to mount your favorite fishing gear without making a single drill hole. The transducer scupper makes it very easy to attach a fish finder.

This kayak is guaranteed to give you many years of casting and reeling on your favorite fishing spots.


7. Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game II

Weight: 70 lbs | length: 12 ft 9 in | Width: 34 inches | Capacity: 600 lbs

ocean kayak prowler big game 2


As you may have inferred from the name, this is built for anglers looking to catch large fish. It has plenty of storage space and mounting points for additional gear. You can install all your fishing electronics like a fish finder without having to drill extra holes.

There’s a comfortable ergonomic seat you can adjust in multiple points to suit your fishing needs.

It is very stable and tracks great. This is the boat to get if you want to hook and land the big guys.


8. Hobie Mirage Compass

Weight: 68 lbs; 87 lbs rigged | length: 12 ft | Width: 34 inches | Capacity: 400 lbs

hobbie mirage compass fishing kayak


Hobie is a leading brand in the fishing kayaks industry, and the Mirage line is another excellent addition to their collection. It features their proprietary pedal drive system known as the MirageDrive which frees your hands to focus on your fishing. The stable hull and roomy cockpit make it easy to stand and move around when fishing.

This little boat packs quite a punch while delivering excellent handling. It can handle sharp turns easily, making it easy to maneuver on narrow waters. The tracking is first class. It comes with tracks to mount additional accessories, rod holders and storage for your rods, and no-drill transducer installation.

The mirage is an ideal kayak for seasoned pros and hobbyists alike.


9. Native Watercraft Slayer 13

Weight: 89 lbs; 108 lbs rigged | length: 13 ft 2 in | Width: 33 inches | Capacity: 500 lbs

native watercraft slayer 13

This award-winning kayak fishing craft is sleek but very stable on the water, and its hands-free and dual direction pedal-driven propellers drive you forward and backward faster than most of the competition. It’s particularly great for trolling because of its ability to stop on command. The hull is extremely stable when you stand in it, making it an ideal kayak for sight casting. It is so stable that even heavy anglers will have no trouble standing in it.

The hull and accessory mounts and very well made. You can tell this is a very durable kaya. It is very nimble on the water and can make tight turns very quickly. It tracks very well, and the easy access rudder control makes it very easy to make adjustments when needed. The pedal drive propellers are extremely easy to paddle. You can sit in the adjustable seat and fish for many hours at a go without having any discomfort. It is that comfortable.

native slayer 13

The pedal drive system can flip up if you find yourself in shallow or weed infested waters. You can also remove it and only use a paddle if you prefer that option.

The hull is designed for easy personalization. It has accessory rails that run from the bow to stern and offers you the option to mount as much gear as you possibly can.  You can easily attach a fish finder or transducer without drilling any holes in the hull.

It comes with lots of storage options, including a dry storage hatch. This is one of our favorite kayaks and comes with everything you’ll need whether you’re a pro or amateur angler, a hunter or a photographer.


10. Wilderness Systems Radar 135 with Pedal Drive System

Weight: 90 lbs | length: 13.6 ft | Width: 34 inches | Height (Deck): 15.5 inches | Capacity: 475 lbs

Radar 135 kayak

The pedal drive system is not a standard feature on this kayak. You’ll have to buy it separately, but the one in this review does include the pedal drive system.

There are three power options for this kayak. You can paddle it, use the pedal drive propeller system, or the optional motor drive system. It is super easy to install and remove both the pedal drive and MotoDrive systems.

This nimble and easily maneuverable boat is very stable, accelerates fast, highly responsive and tracks very well on any water conditions. You can easily cover long distances quickly without getting tired in this kayak. It is very comfortable to stand up and fish in this boat.

The configuration in this article comes with a rudder system which gives you effortless steering when on the water. The seat is exceptionally comfortable. It can be adjusted to provide you with multiple sitting positions. You’ll fish in this seat for many hours and not feel any discomfort.

wilderness systems radar 135 fish yak

You can easily outfit it with all your favorite gear, and the many scupper options allow you to mount more than one electronic gear at a time. It comes with multiple mounting points to attach accessories like a trolling motor and stakeout poles.

There are multiple storage locations to store all your gear including an easily accessible tackle storage space.

You’ll struggle to find any negatives with this steady and durable fishing kayak.


11. Old Town Loon 126 Angler

Weight: 60 lbs | length: 12 ft 6 in | Width: 31 inches | Capacity: 450 lbs

loon 126 kayak

This is the only sit-in fishing kayak on this list and is aimed at the few who prefer this to the much more popular sit-on-tops.

The wider hull and lower sitting position give extra stability. The seat itself gives you great back support, but the low sitting position results in the need to fold and stretch your legs a lot more often than usual. However, you should still expect hours of very comfortable fishing in this kayak.


12. Native Watercraft Slayer 10.5 Kayak with Pedal Drive

Weight: 62 lbs; 81 lbs rigged | length: 10 | Width: 34 inches | Capacity: 400 lbs

watercraft slayer 10

This 10.5-foot model may be lightweight and small in size but packs quite a punch on any water body.

It comes with a dual-action forward and reverse pedal drive system that can get you to your favorite fishing spot very quickly and give you comfortable hands-free fishing. You have the option of also paddling when you find yourself in very shallow waters or if that’s your preference. You’ll have to buy the paddle separately, and there’s space to store it out of the way when not in use.

This kayak performs excellently on the water. It is very easy to maneuver and tracks very well. It is highly stable and allows you to stand and cast or reel in your catch without tipping over. The seat is very comfortable so you can spend hours in it without getting sore all over.

The groove accessory tracks give you the option to customize the yak with all your favorite fishing gear. Scupper plugs make it easy to mount electronics like a fish finder without the need to drill extra holes.

There’s plenty of storage space so you can bring along all sorts of gear, including your camping gear. This little yak is exceptionally versatile and can be used for wildlife photography, as an exercise bike on the water, hunting and for recreational purposes.

The Slayer 10.5 is extremely well-built and should give you plenty of enjoyable trips on the lake for many years to come.


13. Feelfree Lure 13.5

Weight: 95 lbs | length: 13 ft 5 in | Width: 34 inches | Capacity: 500 lbs

The Lure 13.5 is the larger version of the Lure 11.5 and one f the best fishing kayaks for sale today. It is designed with fishing in mind but versatile enough to be used for other purposes.

The deck has enough space to stand up and fish, and it is a very stable kayak so you won’t have to worry about unexpected swimming sessions when standing. There’s plenty of room to move around on deck. The hull has several mounting points and tracks to add all sorts of fishing gear and other accessories you can imagine. The electronic pad is removable and allows you to install electronics like a sonar or fish finder and a battery without drilling additional holes.

The seats on the Lure 13.5 are incredibly comfortable and can be adjusted up or down to find the best fishing position for you. There’s side storage on both sides of the seat, and the backrest can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

The boat performs well in all sorts of water bodies and tracks flawlessly. You have the option to add a pedal drive or a moto drive system for hands-free propulsion. You can also easily install an optional rudder if you need one. There’s an adjustable footrest so you can sit comfortably and not have sore legs.

There’s plenty of room for storage including a dry hatch for waterproof storage. There’s a front console that can be used as a cooler and has a cutting board on top for filleting your catch or prepping your bait. There’s a large tank well in the back, and it has cup holders and rod holders with rod leashes.

This is an excellent fishing kayak that is extremely stable, very comfortable, and excellent performance in water bodies.


14. Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Fishing Kayak

Weight: 79 lbs | length: 13 ft 6 in | Width: 29 inches | Capacity: 355 lbs

Trident 13 fishing kayak

This is an awesome kayak for fishing in rough breaking seas, fast flowing rivers, and calm lakes. It practically feels at home on any water body. The tracking is amazing, and the seat is very comfortable. It is agile, fast and handles cornering brilliantly. There’s plenty of leg room to accommodate the tallest of anglers.

The kayak is extremely stable, so you can stand and fish without worrying about tipping over. You can also climb in and out of the kayak very quickly and not flip it.

Ocean trident 13

It has tracks and plenty of mounting points to add as much gear as you want. You can easily add electronics like a transducer and fish finder with the many scupper options. There are a couple of scupper holes underneath the seating area which can make your bottom wet. You should buy a scupper plug (very cheap) to block the holes if you don’t want to get wet. Personally, this is only an issue in winter.

Storage includes a sealable hatch for dry storage. There’s also space for a cooler, tackles and a lot of extra gear.

This is one of the best kayaks for fishing you can buy if you don’t have a big budget.


15. Brooklyn Kayak BKC UH-PK14 2-Person (Tandem) Kayak

Weight: 99 lbs | length: 14 ft | Width: 34 inches | Capacity: 660 lbs

bkc ut pk14 kayak

This is an excellent fishing kayak for those who want to go fishing with a partner. It comes with two pedal-driven propellers that can be driven forward and reverse. The pedal drive system makes it super easy to move this kayak through any water. There’s a hand-operated rudder control system for the person sitting on the back seat for easy steering of the boat. This tandem tracks well.

The seats on this are some of the best we’ve seen on a kayak. You can adjust it at multiple points until you get the perfect position for you. The hull is extremely stable so both or one of you can stand and fish without worrying about tipping it.

BKC PK14 Fishing Yak

There’s a large dry storage area as well as extra storage for any gear you want to take on your fishing trip. There’s plenty of scupper holes to mount your favorite fishing electronics effortlessly.

This is a versatile tandem kayak guaranteed to give you and a partner plenty of enjoyable fishing adventures for years to come.


Other Top Fishing Kayaks You Should Consider

Fishing Kayak Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Store Live Bait?

A: Sometimes you want to bring live bait with you on the bait. You have a few options to keep your bait alive. You can keep them in a net and hang it just beside the boat in the water. Another option is to get a bait sled. Some kayaks would also have a tank you can fill with water to keep your bait alive. You may also want to get a bait tank.

Q: How do You Store Your Catch on Board?

A: Most kayak anglers will practice catch-and-release, but sometimes you’ll want to keep a couple of your catch to cook. You can bring along a cooler bag or an insulated catch bag to store your catch in. It’s best to fillet the fish before storing. Some kayaks have a filleting board, but you can bring a chopping board along for this purpose. Alternatively, you could keep the fish alive in a net and hang it from the side of the boat.

Q: Can I attach a Fish Finder to My Kayak?

A: Almost every kayak in this review has provision for adding electronics like a fish finder and transducer. Sometimes you don’t want to stay long on the water, and fish finder will make it very easy to locate where the fish is. Check out our review of the best fish finders.

Q: A 1-person or 2-person kayak?

A: The answer to this question is pretty straight forward. It depends on whether you want to bring others with you on your adventure. It is possible to bring another person with you on a 1-person kayak, but they won’t be comfortable, and you’ll end up paddling more weight as they won’t be able to help with paddling.

A 2-person (tandem) kayak has two comfortable seats and allows your partner to help with paddling or pedaling. They often have the same accessory mounts as you so they can also take part in the fishing. A tandem kayak may also be best for you if you need to bring a lot of gear on a solo trip because you can use the extra space to store them. Tandems tend to be more expensive than their single counterparts, but it will be worth the additional cost if you can afford them. You should bear in mind that they are also heavier so you may need two people to transport and launch it.

Q: Should I consider the kayak’s color?

A: It is best to get one that comes in very bright colors if you plan on fishing in waters with heavy motorboat traffic. This is so they can see you quickly and avoid running you over.

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