13 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards to Buy in 2020

From big wallet to small budget options, we review the 13 best paddle boards for experienced and beginners alike.

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A good board is critical to your enjoyment of the sport on the water, and with so many brands and models to choose from, it can be a challenge to decide which one is best for you. Everybody has their reason to want a paddle board, but most people either want a gentle paddle on the lake, ride the waves on the coast, or join the trendy SUP yoga pack. Whatever your reason, you should want to buy the best paddle boards to take on the water.

As the popularity of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) has grown, so has the number of brands and models. We weed through the options to pick our list of the 13 best SUPs you can buy in 2020.

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We also have our picks for the best SUP accessories like paddles, carrying bags, and life jackets. Check those out as well.

Quick List of our top Paddle Boards For 2020 So Far

This list will be regularly updated to include new SUPs that come to the market later.

Best Over $1,000

Best Under $1,000

Best Under $500


1.Red Paddleco Voyager Tandem

RED Voyager Tandem


This is the board for you if you’re looking for a beautiful and robust board with room for up to 3 adult paddlers, your gear and a small child or a dog. This board is ideal for adults of all sizes. The hull is a displacement type (explained in the guide after the reviews) making it suitable for fast paddling, racing, and touring. It is very stable despite having a displacement hull. This SUP is stable enough for experienced SUP yoga practitioners to workout on. The deck has excellent grip so you shouldn’t worry about your or your gear slipping off. It comes with 3 fins, one in the front to help with tracking and two at the back to help eliminate side-drifting.

The voyager from Red Paddleco is an inflatable tandem that guarantees you a ton of fun on the water. It is exceptionally stable and super strong, which makes it beginner-friendly but seasoned paddlers will also love it. You can paddle it on your own, or invite a couple of people to join you for an extended tour on the water.

This paddle board weighs 38 pounds and measures 15 feet long, 34 inches wide and 8 inches thick. It is surprisingly light so one person can easily transport it. You get two Titan pumps so two of you can share the work of inflating it. You also get a waterproof phone case to keep your phone dry. The provided repair kit may come in handy although you may never need it. The hull of this board is solid and should be able to withstand most of the knocks it would inevitably face.

This board works well in calm waters and the small waves of a big lake or coastal ocean waters. It is ideal for paddlers who want to spend a long day covering long distances.

There’s a cargo space on the front with bungee cord tie-downs to secure your gear. You can load all the equipment you need for an overnight camping trip onto this vessel. This package provides you with a wheeled backpack to store and transport the paddle board when it is deflated.

You don’t get a paddle with this, so it is essential to buy paddles when buying the board. The lack of included paddles should not sway you away from this board if you can afford it. It is indeed one of the best value for money, and you won’t regret getting it.


2.HALA GEAR Carbon Straight Up All-round

hala gear carbon straight


This is an all-round inflatable SUP that is very well-built and looks fantastic. Hala Gear makes superb boards, and this is no different. It is an elite, versatile board that performs well in all modes of application. Maybe you want to go racing, a relaxed tour on the lake, a quiet morning yoga on the water, or you want a leisurely paddle around the lake with a partner. This paddle board does it all. It performs well on calm or choppy lakes, slow-flowing rivers, and on the open sea.

The board has a carbon runner around it, which gives it great rigidity when on the water. This gives it the performance of a hardboard. The 32-inch-wide hull is super stable, making it an ideal board to learn paddleboarding on. The stability combined with the anti-slip deck padding makes it a perfect choice for both beginner and experienced SUP Yoga practitioners.

There’s a raised stomp pad on the back to give you better control when paddling. This helps you paddle harder and make quick direction changes with minimal effort. Three finds (one center fin with two gummy fins either side) help this board track well under challenging conditions.

There are 8 D-Rings on the board. You can add additional strapping cords to the one located on the front end. An additional leash D-Ring lets you quickly hook up your leash. There are two carry handles so you and a partner can easily carry this board to the water.

We love the foot index feature of this vessel. It is a small raised rectangle that tells the vessels center of gravity. You can easily feel for it and place your foot there without taking your eye off the water.

It comes equipped with a high capacity hand pump, a 12V car pump, a wheeled travel bag, and a repair kit. It doesn’t come with a paddle so you’d have to buy one when buying the paddleboard. You may also want to get a waterproof case for your phones and other valuables because one is not supplied with this craft.

The Carbon Straight Up is a very durable, beautiful and versatile vessel that will make you fall in love with paddle sports.


3. BIC Sport ACE-TEC Performer Wind



Are you looking for a paddle board that handles well, is stable on the water, fast, beautiful, durable, and versatile? I present to you the BIC ACE-TEC Performer Wind-SUP. It is a SUP, windsurfer, and a surfboard all in one. A standard mastfoot track is integrated so you can add a windsurf rig to use the vessel as a windsurfing board. Attach the quick and easy setup fins, and this board gives you performance on the surf that rivals most surfboards out there.

This board is ideal for both beginners and advanced users. It has a wide 32.5-inch hull which provides excellent stability, and well-balanced rocker gives it excellent handling. The long 11.6-foot body and a 320-pound weight capacity can support an adult and a child or dog. This board is best for families, beginners learning to paddleboard, and surfing enthusiasts.

Pack and secure your windsurfing rig on the board and head out to the water on a windy day. Put the paddles down and attach the rig for a day of adventurous windsurfing fun. This is a good board for someone trying to learn windsurfing.

The board weighs only 33 pounds, so it’s very easy to carry by one person. It is a very durable vessel and would withstand every blow it sustains. It doesn’t come with a paddle so you’ll have to buy you. It is not an inflatable so you can’t just fold it up and go. You might want to get a SUP carry bag to transport it.


4. ISLE Airtech Explorer Inflatable

Isle-TEC Explorer Paddle Board


These boards come in 11ft and 12ft options. It is ideal for people looking to go on long adventurous expeditions in all conditions. You get a single 3-piece adjustable paddle with the board so you’ll need to buy extra paddles if you intend to paddle it with more than two or more paddlers. You also get a 10-foot leash, a powerful hand pump, an easy snap-in fin, and a carry backpack.

It is an inflatable board, so it is easy to pack and transport, unlike a kayak. One thing I love about this board is that you can buy and attach a seat and virtually turn it into a working kayak. You can mount the seat using the D-Rings located in the middle of the board. There are additional D-Rings and strapping located on the front and back of the board, which you can use to secure all the gear you bring with you safely.

Isle-TEC Inflatable Explorer

At 11ft/12ft long and 32 inches wide, there’s plenty of room for some gear and extra passengers at the same time. It is 6 inches thick and has a capacity of 275 pounds for the 11ft board and 300 pounds for the 12ft board. However, experienced boarders can easily exceed these weight capacities with no issues.

It should take about 5 minutes of pumping to inflate the board with the included manual pump. You’ll need more than 100 pumps of the pump to inflate the board to about 13 psi to 15 psi. It’s a good workout so you may want to get an electric pump if you get tired very quickly. However, I prefer the manual pump because it gives me a good 5 minutes to exercise my arms before going on the water.

This board is very light at only 22 pounds. It has a highly durable and stable hull, making it an ideal paddleboard for beginners. The Isle inflatable is the perfect SUP to take on the water and enjoy a day of exercise, sight-seeing, and even fishing. You will not find a better value-for-money board than this. It tracks great with the attached fins, and the average paddler can expect an average speed of 4mph.


5. Atoll Inflatable SUP

atoll inflatable SUP


So this is one of our favorite paddleboards in the $500 – $1,000 price range. The Attol board is an ultra-lightweight but extremely durable board that is 11ft long and 32 inches wide. You’ll get a carry backpack, a hand pump, a single 3-piece paddle, a leash, and a few extras. The included paddle is adjustable and very comfortable to paddle with. You can set it to your preferred length so you can paddle without needing to bend over.

Atoll SUPs have always been one of our favorite boards down the years and their 2020 board has stuck to their hallmark of quality and optimum performance. The 2020 lineup comes in a variety of colors and sizes so you’re bound to find one that you’ll love. Atoll has been manufacturing paddle boards for decades now and has developed an excellent reputation among all levels of paddlers across the world.

We’ve tested the board in a variety of water bodies and we found that it does feel comfortable on any of them. The board is very stable on the ocean, small and massive lakes and slow to medium flowing rivers. Advanced paddlers should have no problem handling it on very choppy ocean and lake waters or fast flowing rivers. The paddle is well-built and allows for a firm grip when paddling. The board is very stable and sturdy on the water. You’ll be up and paddling in no time even if you’ve never been on a paddleboard before, making it an ideal board for beginners. The surface of the board also incorporates an anti-slip design and material to help give you extra leverage while paddling and stop you from slipping.

Atoll paddleboards

It is an excellent board for a morning of yoga or Pilates exercises on the water, long sight-seeing trips down the river, competitive paddling, SUP fishing or a quiet relaxing trip to watch the sunrise or sunset. The anti-slip surface makes it an ideal board for yoga and Pilates classes on the water.

The board is made with ultra-durable, lightweight material, which makes it very easy to transport, maneuver and store. It can support more than 400 pounds of weight. The material is tough and can withstand most knocks with objects in the water despite being an inflatable. You can attach different aftermarket fins to the fin box. You are no longer limited to just the included fins. It comes with a hand pump. You can use it to inflate the iSUP in no time and it gives your arms a little warm-up before getting on the water.

At 11 feet, there’s plenty of room for a small family and your pet to spend a day on the water. You can comfortably fit a cooler, fishing gear, your dog and a second paddler onto the board for a day of fishing. And if you fancy an overnight comping drip, there’s room to bring all the necessary gear. The bungee cords on the front section of the board will help secure your gear to the board. It comes with extra d-rings which let you add extra strapping when you need it. You can mount a kayak seat using the additional d-rings located towards the rear of the board if you want to sit and fish for hours. It can also be used to secure additional gear

Atoll iSUP

It comes with a free backpack for carrying your board and paddle around. The bag is very roomy and comes with a waist strap to help take some of the load off your back.

We really couldn’t find a single reason why you shouldn’t buy this board as far as we are concerned. It’s one of the best paddle boards out there and we highly recommend it for beginners and advanced paddlers alike.


6. Tower Adventure 2 Inflatable Paddle Board

tower SUP


Tower is a relatively new name in the industry and they really came into prominence after appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2011 to seek investment on the show. They got away with Mark Cuban as their backer and has since seen astronomical growth. But their growth is not all down to their celebrity investor but more down to the quality of their boards.

Their iSUPs come in many different colors, sizes, and body shapes but the focus of this review is the 10.4-foot adventure 2 model. It is 10.4 feet long, 32 inches and has a depth of 6 inches. It comes with a hand pump, a repair kit, an anti-slip deck pad, and a detachable fin. It does not come with a carry bag but it has a strap to tie it down when deflated. You can

We loved this board when we took it on the water. We were surprised by just how durable and rigid this SUP is. You’ll find it hard to believe this is an inflatable if you were not aware it is. It’s very rigid and strong. Inflate it to 15 PSI for optimum performance. It can easily carry loads of 400+ pounds. You can just tell this board is very well made. It has a look and feel of military-grade ruggedness to it. However, we are not saying you should ignore that fact that it is an inflatable SUP and go crashing it into sharp rocks. But it will withstand low-speed impacts into almost any obstacle in the water.

We believe this is a good board for beginners but we don’t think it is the best. Don’t get us wrong, most beginners will be paddling comfortably in no time but we feel there’s just a tiny little room for improvement on the stability of the craft. We don’t believe you’ll get thrown off it but it just rocks ever so slightly when on the water but this won’t be an issue for most users. However, it performs very well in calm waters. The performance of this board is excellent. It maneuvers easily on the water and fairly stable. It’s fast through the water so it’s ideal for long trips on the water. You can easily do yoga on it once you spend a little time getting used to it.

Tower inflatable paddleboard

The package comes with an adjustable paddle which can be extended to your preferred height. We didn’t like the paddle so much because we felt it was a little bit on the heavier side and the paddling surface was a bit too small. We’ll recommend getting an upgrade if possible but the included paddle will do if you can’t afford an upgrade. It’s not that much of a big deal and we’re just being really picky here.

The board is excellent on calm lakes and slow-flowing rivers but also performs reasonably well on the ocean, choppy lakes and moderate flowing rivers.

There’s plenty of room on the board for more than one person and a pet. You can easily fit a four-person family on it and still float comfortably above the water line. You can also carry additional gear and secure it with the bungee cord strapping. There’s a D-ring located on the stern to connect the included leash. The board comes with an anti-skid surface to prevent slipping and give you extra purchase when paddling.

The Adventure 2 is an excellent all-around iSUP for anyone thinking of getting into paddleboarding. It delivers tons of fun on the water and you’ll not regret buying one.

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